About Us

How it all began

We have always been aware of the environmental impact we have on the Earth, and we want to help reduce this impact.

Some time ago we realized that less than 20% of plastic packaging is recycled and the rest ends up in landfills and oceans. It's terrifying. So we started looking for solutions. We found some eco-friendly detergents, but we weren't convinced. Having to go and refill them every time we ran out did not seem like the right solution, especially because of the weight and the space taken up.

This is why we created Natulim, a 100% plastic-free biodegradable eco-sheet laundry detergent. With the new formula of Natulim eco-sheet detergent, we help the planet with every wash, without having to give up cleaning power! During the process, our maxim was:

“We want it to be environmentally friendly and wash well.”

We then experimented until we found the formula we have today. We couldn't be more satisfied. Clothes are totally clean and smell naturally good. But we don't stop there, we are always in a process of continuous improvement! (In fact, we encourage you to write us your questions or suggestions here ).

Who am I buying from?

We are David and Lluís, two friends aged 32 and 26 who dream of changing the way we wash clothes to make them more sustainable. At the moment we mainly sell online, but more and more stores are selling Natulim.

Our values

Simplicity. We believe in making things easy for everyone. Small actions lead to big changes. We are not perfect and we don't ask anyone to be.

Freedom. We have the power to choose. We create products that allow people to choose durability, without compromising practicality.

Integrity. We will never compromise our values ​​or take shortcuts to reduce costs. We are not going to damage the environment to make a little more profit. We will be transparent about the ingredients in our products.

We don't want people to feel guilty about their decisions. We will simply work to provide eco-friendly products that work.

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